What does it cost?

To become a part of Adult hockey, you must sign up for a season membership. The cost is $100 for the entire season. This takes care of all of the ice time expenses.  This does not cover protective equipment. Click Here to register. Black and White Jersey's are $20/each.

New for 2018 you will also need to sign up with ISI for Insurance.

What equipment do I need?

Minimum, you will need a helmet (preferrably with a full cage), hockey gloves, a stick, and hockey skates. (You can rent hockey skates at the arena, but we recommend you buy them. Don't go it alone, we can help you get the right gear. Click the contact us button and we will help you make your purchase. The get gear button at the top of this page provides links to all the online vendors, this gear is not available locally.

Is this for men and women?

Yes absolutely!!!

Do I need to know how to play hockey?

Heck no, none of us do either!  Just kidding... We will teach you the game.

Do I have to know how to skate?

No, not really. You can learn pretty fast, and if you have full pads it really helps your confidence. 

What about loosing my teeth?

Well, if you wear a full face mask and a mouthpiece, there isn't much chance of damaging your teeth.

What kind of shape should I be in?

No doubt about it, ice hockey will definately get your heart pumping. Check with your doctor if your unsure about starting any type of sport.

Why should I play hockey?

Because, you will love it. Trust us.

Where and when?

We play at the United Wireless Arena. Most Sunday Afternoon's from Oct. thru Dec. Adult hockey is 5:30 to 7:00 PM program. http://www.hpyha.org/hpyha-calendar

I'm from out of town visiting family, do you have pickup hockey?

We definately have a spot for you. Please Contact Us and we will make arangements. 

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